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How to improve HTC HD2? Use energy ROM!

I'm really satisfied with my cell phone HTC HD2 . I've bought the device in February and I truly like the change, the innovation. Logically, I've started to consider flash HD2 by one of many ROM's developed by guys around xda-developers . There were three main reasons why I did it. the device suffers by child ailment like wrong delivering of SMS. I've no time to watch and search forums and apply released patches there are a lot of handful applications around HD2 there are a lot kinds of settings, it's hard to fine tune the device The most widely known rom is the Energy rom . What do you need to do to flash your device? There are two simple steps described in details within the article . Note that you should make the all flash stuff on the notebook to prevent against the blackout. What the energy ROM brings me? I have got the updated device all the time as I'm flashing it couple times per month. The rom contains almost 40 applications, see the