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Performance Battle of NoSQL blob storages #3: Redis

We have already measured performance stats for  Apache Cassandra and Apache Kafka as well. To include Redis  within a comparison of persistent storages could see like some misunderstanding at first sight. On the other hand, there are certain use-cases allowing us to think about to store data in main memory, especially in private data centers. Primarily once your cluster includes a machine having almost equal size of hard drive and RAM :-) Redis is enterprise, or advanced, key-value store with optional persistence. There are couple of reasons why everyone loves Redis. Why I do? 1. It's pretty simple . Following command can install redis server on ubuntu. That's all. apt-get install redis-server 2. It's incredible fast . Look at following tables. One million remote operations per second. 3. It supports large set of commands . More than some kind of database, it's rather enterprise remote-aware hash-map, hash-set, sorted-list or pub/sub channel so