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HD2 + Energy rom - improve battery life

Before a time I criticized battery life of my HD2 flashed by energy rom . Last week I installed new version and it seems that HD2 can simply alive almost four days per one charge! I'm usually read internet at least 30 minutes per day, write a few messages, sync to google exchange, couple of calls. How to improve HD2 battery life? install energy rom :-) definitely switch CHT (Cookie home tab) Editor's lock screen off. Despite it makes your device really unstable , it drains battery a lot - use WM's default because the android version can be simply unlocked in a pocket - significant battery life improve use GPRS instead of 3G - significant battery life improve  lower backlight to 20% - it's enough for almost all cases switch vibration when any virtual key is pressed off install all programs into main memory switch weather animation widget off

NHibernate performance issues #2: slow cascade save and update (flushing)

What's the most powerful NHibernate's feature, except object mapping? Cascade operations , like insert, update or save. What's the best NHibernate's performance issue: cascade saving . Cascade insert, save and update If you let NHibernate to manage your entities (e.g. you load them from persistence), NHibernate can provide all persistence operations for you, it includes automatic: insert update delete All depends only on your cascade settings. What says documentation ? cascade (optional): Specifies which operations should be cascaded from the parent object to the associated object. Attribute declares which kind of operation would be performed for particular case. All this stuff can be adjusted for traditional pattern parent - child . Following code declares specific behavior what happen to children (books) when parent entity (Library) will be affected any of mentioned operations. HasMany(l => l.Books). Access.CamelCaseField(). AsBag(). Inverse().

HD2 Energy rom + CHT editor 2.0 = still unstable

I was really curious about new CHT (Cookie Home Tab) Editor 2.0 . It's UI heart of the whole work with this device. Without undue hesitation I've yesterday installed famous energy rom including final CHT 2.0 into my HD2. My experience is really bad, I fear that it's still really unstable piece of software. CHT Editor brings really great new graphic, no doubt about that, see following screen-shots. The down side of new graphic is unstable device, I was forced to restart my HD2 four times only for today. Why? First restart followed execution of google maps app. I wasn't able to return to today screen. After an hour, I've tried to perform any call. I've chose person, clicked at photo and the call started but I was unable to go to "call screen". The last case was again about music player and today screen, I was again unable to return back. I'm silently waiting to next release of new energy rom version, I hope that it will work, you should

Series of .NET NHibernate performance issues articles

I've spent with NHibernate persistence implementation to our product last four months. I'd like to provide set of articles regarding performance issues of the NHibernate usage. NHibernate team has been releasing huge manual having 189 pages . It contains the basic description allowing the developer to write persistence and not totally mess it up. If you want to develop fast application, you need to read discussions (such as those at ) and solve the problems particularly one by one. According to my experiences, I've decide to write the series of articles regarding NHibernate, especially performance. Prerequsities All following articles will contain examples. I love so it's nonsense to do not use it because it's fine integrated together as well as log4net . All examples which will be described or used in the whole series will use three classes as domain model. According to Domain Driven Design , there are root aggregate Library ,

NHibernate performance issues #1: evil List (non-inverse relationhip)

Lists are evil, at least when using NHibernate. You should re-consider if you really need to use specific List implementation, because it has unsuitale index column owned by parent, not children. List can't be used in inverse relationship which implies few (but major) inclusions: extra sql UPDATE to persist mentioned index value unscalable addition to the list - NHibernate needs to fetch all items and add new item after inability to use fast cascade deletion by foreign keys inability to use IStatelessSession for fast data insertion Basic theorem: you don't need Lists! Furthermore , we'll discuss each bullet in details. What is inverse relation? First of all, it's necessary to clarify what inverse relation means. Reference between parent and child isn't hold by parent but child! See following picture: Here is NHibernate mapping definition for inverse relation with using excellent Fluent NHibernate : HasMany(l => l.Books). Access.CamelCaseFie

Git on Windows: MSysGit

I have started to use Git today. I read a lot of discussions that there is no good tool for Windows platform. After forethought I have decided to used TortoiseGit . I also feared of difficult work related with Git as a lot of articles mentioned many instructions. As I already said, I have decided to use TortoiseGit, because I'm used to work with TortoiseSvn, but for start, MSysGit is enought. So this article is about MSysGit , next will be about TortoiseGit . How to start with MSysgit on local machine? Download and install Git for Windows Create source code directory for your git app Right click the directory at your favorite file browser. Menu should contain item "Git init here". It initializes chosen directory to be git-abled :-) It was your first usage of Git. Commit data to local Git repository Now, you can add any file, your first source code, to created directory. If you are prepared to commit any changes to your local git repository, follow next instruc